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Mini Festival Sound Bundle

Improving the sound at your mini-festival can be more cost effective than you think. Our crystal clear point source audio system, built by Yamaha has been designed alongside industry leaders Nexo to bring you superior sound quality on a budget. You will find that our Mini Festival Sound Bundle will be the perfect PA system for events attracting up to 500 people, as it includes the equipment and a fully experienced sound engineer for the duration.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
£475.00 £650.00 £800.00

Yamaha DXR12 Yamaha DXS15 Speaker Pole Allen & Heath Qu-16 Chrome Shure SM58 Audix D6 Audix F9 Sennheiser e604 DI Box Shure SM57 K&M Mic Stand Tall K&M Mic Stand Short Engineer